You can rely on Deans Trees to take care of all of your Gympie tree maintenance needs.

We work with cutting-edge equipment to complete all trimming, lopping and tree removal jobs to the highest standard. Our team are fully insured, qualified and OH&S compliant.

At Deans Trees, we have the capability to undertake council projects large and small. We can scale up for any job and we have access to a reliable network of sub contractors. Our team are ready and willing to complete tree maintenance work for corporate government agencies.

If you would to organise a service with our friendly Gympie tree maintenance professionals, or make an enquiry, get in touch with us today.
Tree Lopping — Deans Trees in Gympie, QLD
Tree Lopping
Our Gympie tree loppers can safely service problem trees to clear away unsightly limbs as well as shorten the truck if necessary. We can also lop the tops off of tree canopies.

Whether you want to change the aesthetics of your landscape by altering the shape of the trees, or you need someone to remove dangerous overhanging branches, you can depend on us for a job well done. Our rates are affordable, and we are prompt as well as professional.
Tree Trimming — Deans Trees in Gympie, QLD
Tree Trimming
Our trimming services can help protect trees from rot and insect infestation. If you have overgrown trees on your premises that are strangling surrounding foliage, our trimming services can help correct this.

Have you noticed branches that are growing close to power lines? It is vital that they be removed as soon as possible. Our Gympie tree trimmers can provide this service at an affordable price. We are committed to doing what we can to reduce tree-related storm damage.
Chain Saw — Deans Trees in Gympie, QLD
Stump Grinding & Removal
In addition to being an eyesore, stumps attract fungal diseases that can ruin the health of surrounding plants. Our Gympie stump grinders will reduce any problem stumps so that they can be easily covered over with earth, mulch or wood chips.

To organise stump removal with our team, don't hesitate to contact Deans Trees today.
Wood Chipping — Deans Trees in Gympie, QLD
Tree Removal & Wood Chipping
When it comes to removing trees safely and promptly, our team are second to none. For additional convenience, we can convert the trees we have cut down into wood chips for easier transportation. We make it a point to leave your site as clean as possible.

If you require tree removal services for a council project, our team are equipped to meet your needs. We can undertake jobs large and small.
Firewood — Deans Trees in Gympie, QLD
Deans Trees can supply quality firewood to your premises. Whether it's for a campsite, your home fireplace or a wood fire pizza oven, we will deliver the firewood you need by the trailer load.

Call us to arrange a Gympie firewood delivery.
Palm Trees — Deans Trees in Gympie, QLD
Palm Cleaning
Although palm trees are ideal for adding a tropical ambience to your property, they can quickly turn into a nuisance if not properly maintained. That's where Deans Trees comes in. We can remove palms that have fallen from the trunk, as well as prevent fallen palm fruits from growing into new trees (thus preventing overgrowth).

Contact our team to arrange a Gympie palm cleaning service.